A Beautiful South Of Nowhere Fan Letter

Every now and then we receive fan mail for some of our past hits. Recently, we received a letter from a fan of South Of Nowhere, which we would like to share with you below. As always, we love and thank our fans for their continued support:

“Hey Tom,

I’m writing this to express how much South of Nowhere meant to me. At the beginning of my 7th grade year I started to question my sexuality, being 13 and not understanding why I had this attraction to girls was confusing. I started watching shows like the L Word or Degrassi to try to get an understanding of how I was feeling. It wasn’t until I saw a promo for South of Nowhere that I realized the show I had been looking for was right in front of my face. I remember staying up until 1:00 in the morning just to catch up on the first season so I could understand the second season. As soon as I watched the first episode I immediately fell in love with Spencer’s character. She was me in all of my confusion and not understanding. It always felt like Spencer was written to help me, but so was Ashley because even though I was confused about my sexuality, I was also shy. Ashley Davies helped me gain that confidence to ask out my first girlfriend, but with South of Nowhere it just didn’t deal with LGBT issues, watching your show connected with me on so many levels. I know what it’s like to be racially profiled by the cops, I know what it’s like to deal with a family member who’s adopted, I also know sadly know what it’s like to lose someone to gun violence. South of Nowhere wasn’t just a show, for me it was a safe haven because in those 30 minutes that it was on my T.V. it felt like someone finally understood for first time in my life. Those characters you created brought joy, sometimes sadness, and gave a lot of us hope. I just wanted to say thank you for writing these characters and scenes. I wanna say thank you to Gaby and Mandy because I don’t think no other two people on earth could bring Spencer and Ashley to life but them. So I guess to wrap this thing up, South of Nowhere will always be in my opinion the best damn teen show to ever grace my television. Thank you once again Mr. Lynch for South of Nowhere, and I will continue to support you in all your future activities. 

Signing Off, 


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10th Anniversary of SOUTH OF NOWHERE Premier– A Special Note From Tom Lynch

I cannot believe it was ten years ago that we launched SOUTH OF NOWHERE. So much has changed and so much is still the same. People of all types and genders still suffer from the same shame, racism, religious attack, loneliness, and political isolation that was happening ten years ago due to ignorance and fear: The idea of being different is still synonymous with being bad, wrong, threatening. Choose your own word. SOUTH OF NOWHERE took a small story, one teenager coming out, and showed its ripple effect on her friends, family, school, church, and community. Some of it surprising, some of it predictable, all of it a piece of fabric that is the life of SPASHLEY.

I was fortunate to have been able to create SOUTH OF NOWHERE based on a simple statement I heard from my best friend, a conservative, straight male father of five. “My son (15yrs old) told me he was gay. I asked him how he knew. He said, “ Dad, how do you know you are straight?” That simple statement started me on the SOUTH OF NOWHERE journey. 

A journey of what I saw as an interesting high school story with a unique point of view. It brought me letters (back then people still wrote letters) professing with the greatest of confidence that I was going to hell for making such a show. This letter in particular came from a religious right group. A copy of a passage from the Bible, Leviticus, and a phone call saying that I was going to hell and God would be angry with me— this came from a Hollywood producer. A threat of advertising being pulled from all networks of the parent company that was going to run the series— this from an advertising executive. And a high-ranking television executive who wondered why I had to make this show and what a problem I was causing him and his company. 

I would like to claim that I was a righteous man doing righteous work, but that would be false. I was a simple man (one of faith) that believed the story should be told and I could see it as clearly as the other series I have been lucky enough to create. I just kept moving forward, even paying for half of the pilot episode myself and shooting some final scenes in my own bedroom and the parking lot of my church. All religious people are not intolerant. 

It is ten years later and we still have hate crimes, bullying, suicides, etc. as part of the gender experience. How far have we gone? I’m not sure on a statistical level. But on a human level, the boy that inspired the story has graduated university and is making his living as a writer and is openly and happily gay. The letters I have received from parents of kids coming out, expressing their gratitude for the show and how it gave them a way to talk to their gay children, far out number the letters of outrage of the people against the show ten years ago. I am still working in television, creating new shows about FAIRIES (the kind with wings), K-POP bands, Sleeping Beauties and scary tales for teens. So some things have changed, and that is good. And, I have just finished a feature film script on a cross dressing kid in high school which I hope to direct next year. So some things have not changed and that also is good.

With much love and absolute respect to all SOUTH OF NOWHERE FANS,

Tom Lynch